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Why Words Matter, Image: loran4a/AdobeStock.comWhy Words Matter  

From witchy incantations in Shakespeare’s Macbeth to ancient Sanskrit mantras; from the stirring speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the divinely inspired poetry of the Sufis, words have bridged the chasm between the visible and the invisible since...

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Circles of Healing, Image: fizkes/AdobeStock.comCircles of Healing  
The Power of Gathering in Community   

Had the intellectual achievements of human culture evolved during a revolution based on living systems in the natural world rather than one of rapid industrial growth and resource consumption, we might be experiencing interconnectedness instead of...

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Season of Light, Image: kharchenkoirina/AdobeStock.comSeason of Light  
Celebrating the Soul of Winter  

Inevitably, the wheel of the year turns with the nuances of the seasons hardly noticed in the blur of our busy days. “Next year,” we say, when we realize that we’ve run out of time to try that holiday recipe, connect with friends or revel in a winter sunset. Collecting...

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The Healing Power of a Hug, Image: jason stitt/AdobeStock.comThe Healing Power of a Hug  

When we were children, a hug helped to take the sting out of a skinned knee or quell first-day-of-school jitters. In adulthood, hugs are not as plentiful or practical; many people lack partners or loved ones, and the gesture—both...

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The Quiet Power of Intuition, Image: prostockstudio/AdobeStock.comThe Quiet Power of Intuition  
Using this Sixth Sense to Endure & Prosper   

Albert Einstein considered knowledge secondary to intuition and inspiration, and modern visionaries like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg have all endorsed the practical magic of...

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The Power of the Written Note, Image: jacob lund/AdobeStock.comThe Power of the Written Note  

Birthdays, weddings, holidays and other momentous occasions have long been celebrated with cards and letters. The rise of emailing, texting and social media has made writing letters a forgotten treasure as many of us have instead come to...

Smiling Can Make Us Happier, Image: rido/AdobeStock.comSmiling Can Make Us Happier  

A smile makes the brain happy. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter if we smile at first because we’re genuinely happy or if we simply fake a smile. The brain doesn’t know...

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The Power of Playfulness, Image: gstockstudio/AdobeStock.comThe Power of Playfulness  

Mirth has been a memory for most of us this past year; something that we need now more than ever. White-knuckle survival and transition can drain neurotransmitters, those chemical messengers vital for strong immunity and good...

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Simple Acts Can Change the World, Image: leszek glasner/AdobeStock.comSimple Acts Can Change the World  
We Can Make a Difference  

It’s easy to feel small and helpless in a world full of big problems, but there are simple, daily actions we can take to change it for the better...

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Three Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions, Image: julie/AdobeStock.comThree Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions  

All of us can feel the impact of these uncertain and challenging times on our hearts and in our nervous systems. While there are parts of the situation that we cannot control, that does not mean we are powerless. When we’re up against...

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