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Halting Hypertension, Image: Halting Hypertension  
Exercises to Lower High Blood Pressure  

An estimated 75 million American adults have blood pressure high enough to require management, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For people with hypertension, tempering stress responses and limiting consumption of sodium, caffeine, alcohol and sugar can make a difference. Fortifying these lifestyle changes with aerobic exercise, yoga and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also help prevent and manage worrisome blood pressure readings....

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Staying Fit in 2021, Image: Storybooks.comStaying Fit in 2021  
Workout Trends Bend to the Times  

For 2021, fitness will be more about better health and inner peace rather than weight loss. Gyms and studios will be on the top of their game adhering to hygiene standards and offering safer environments with smaller class capacity and vitamin D-enhanced...

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Mind-Body Fitness Mind-Body Fitness  
How Mindfulness Benefits Workouts  

When mindfulness approaches are applied to fitness training—which can be as simple as breathing consciously and tuning into subtle body sensations—the results can be fewer injuries, improved immunity, a lowered stress response, a brighter mood and a deeper commitment to...

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Body Gratitude Body Gratitude  
Being Thankful Empowers Our Workouts  

Exercise is crucial to preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and many other health conditions, but staying motivated to maintain a routine can sometimes be challenging, even for fitness devotees. Cultivating an appreciation for the way our bodies carry us through life can...

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Life Force in Motion  

The flowing movement of tai chi mirrors the serenity of water, but still waters run deep. This ancient practice of gentle meditative movement is an offshoot of Chinese martial arts that offers a spectrum of surprising benefits, including...

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Yoga for Every Body Yoga for Every Body  
Adaptive Ways Ease Pain and Immobility  

Taming chronic pain, restoring energy reserves, improving heart health and relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety are only a few of the science-backed perks of spending time on a yoga mat. However, misconceptions about...

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Exercises for Strength and Stability

Good balance is something we may take for granted until an unexpected fall brings our attention to a brewing problem. Slower reflexes, unconditioned muscles and changes in eyesight can all compromise balance. Statistics show...

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How Exercise Can Heal What Hurts

When our body keeps hurting, especially if it’s been that way for a long time, it’s natural to want to snuggle into pillows with a good movie and move as little as possible. And for many years, that’s the kind of...

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Vital Steps Vital Steps
The Path to Vascular Fitness

It is well-known that exercise combats cardiovascular disease by balancing blood pressure and managing blood sugar, but aerobic exercise, not resistance training, takes the prize for keeping the body’s thousands of miles of blood vessels more supple. A 2017 study...

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When Workouts Don’t Work When Workouts Don’t Work
Why Less Is Sometimes More

Exercise is a proven component in losing weight and preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but not all exercise regimens yield the same results for everyone, especially when...

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