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Rochester Hills Periodontal Surgeon Provides
State-of-the-Art, Comfortable, Long-Lasting Procedures
Ceramic Implants, Lasers and Platelet Therapy

by Darla Nagel

Eric Taylor, DDS

Over 15 years ago, Eric K. Taylor, DDS, diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, became the first implant surgeon in Michigan to provide specialized, metal-free zirconia ceramic implants. He maintains his commitment to continuing education in new dental procedures and therapeutic techniques and has 34 years of experience in placing high-quality dental implants.

“In order to provide the best treatment for our patients, our office uses state-of-the-art technologies in all of our procedures,” Taylor says. “These technologies and our extensive experience allow us to place implants with extreme precision. When you visit our office you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality and most advanced treatment available. Our thousands of patients come from far and near to experience the genuine personal, biologic and holistic care we provide.”

A dental implant is a root replacement surgically placed into the boney part of the jaw. The manufacturer of the zirconia ceramic implants used at the office is Z-SYSTEMS. Taylor explains, “Leveraging over 15 years of research, development and clinical expertise, Z-SYSTEMS has revolutionized the field of implant dentistry with groundbreaking solutions like the world’s first and only 100% ceramic bone-level and tissue-level implant with a screw-retained, conical connection.”

There are four beneficial features of ceramic implants. The previously mentioned conical connection ensures a precise fit and stability, and minimizes the risk of bacterial penetration, contributing to long-term, complication-free implant success. Emphasizing comfort throughout the treatment process supports oral well-being. Second, in terms of aesthetics, the tooth-colored zirconia material closely resembles natural teeth. Third, construction with biocompatible material promotes tissue acceptance, ensuring complete and healthy bone integration and long-term success of the implant. Finally, durability in the form of strength and fracture resistance makes these implants suitable for a wide range of clinical cases.

Additional services include precision laser treatments for many surgical and nonsurgical procedures, including surgical extractions, laser tooth desensitization and laser bio-modulation. Laser bio-modulation is utilizing therapeutic laser in specific amounts of energy by targeting areas of the body to stimulate the mitochondria (the power center) at the cellular level. The goal is to release that cellular energy to stimulate healing.

Taylor says, “It is painless, reduces swelling, reduces pain, accelerates healing, increases collagen growth and enhances neural regeneration.”

Platelet Therapy
Advanced services also include chemical-free, holistic healing enhancers platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and platelet-rich plasma. For patients without sufficient tissue support in the jaw, healing can take a long time after a procedure such as an extraction or placement of a dental implant. However, there is a way to use and build up patients’ own tissue. In essence a bioactive bandage, PRF is applied by taking a sample of the patient’s blood, isolating the platelets and fibrin essential for clotting, compressing them to the desired thickness and placing the “clot” at the procedure site. PRF activates a network of proteins that work together to enhance healing.

Taylor says, “PRF changes all the rules as it promotes healing and bone growth from within your own body. The end results are improved healing response and significantly less recovery time.”

Eric K. Taylor DDS, is located at 455 S. Livernois, Ste. B-12, Rochester Hills For more information, call 248-652-7300 or visit

Darla Nagel is a Michigan-based writer for Natural Awakenings.

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