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We provide a multifaceted integrative treatment approach focusing on the individual patient and their unique needs. We work closely with our patient’s health care providers including MD’s, DO’s, naturopaths and chiropractors to create the most ideal treatment for each patient. The connection between the teeth, gums and jaws to the rest of the body is quite widely known and our focus is on treatment and therapies that are non toxic and biocompatible. The goal is to create a harmonious relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body. We treat children and adults in our state of the art office in calm peaceful surroundings.

In our attempt to be a green office, we have recycled products throughout along with very low VOC materials. We use filtration systems and ionizers to keep the air we breathe pure and clean. An amalgam separator reduces the environmental impact of mercury. We use steam sterilization instead of chemical sterilization to reduce chemical residues. Our surface disinfectants are effective and non toxic. Use of digital X-rays minimizes the amount of waste created while going paperless means less trees being cut down for paper.

Biologic Dentistry is very important to us here, let us tell you how we define these two words. Biologic Dentistry is traditional dentistry with some extras, namely the awareness of the connection of the oral cavity with the rest of the body. It involves an attitude to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment and to do it while creating minimal effects on the rest of the body. The mouth and overall health of the body cannot be separated and much attention is being placed on the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer risk. It is a well known fact that gum disease in pregnant women has been implicated in leading to low birthweight babies as well as bringing about preterm labor. As the awareness of the systemic connections of what goes on in the mouth and the rest of the body grows, so does the need to provide the best treatment options with the least systemic repercussions. We continually strive to find new and better ways to help individuals get and stay healthy, always seeking materials and techniques that are as bio-compatible as possible while balancing the needs of preserving the chewing system.

We have chosen to be not only mercury free which means we don’t place mercury amalgam fillings, but we are also mercury safe which means we use strict protocols as outlined by the IAOMT in the removal of mercury amalgam fillings. The highest exposure to mercury occurs when mercury amalgam fillings are placed as well as removed and our care in removing them safely means that you as the patient as well as the dental team are protected against exposure.


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50 W Big Beaver, Suite 120, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304

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