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Spring Quality, Alkaline Water From Every Tap and Faucet in Your Home!

Seth Parsons Department of Clean WaterDepartment of Clean Water, owned by holistic health coach Seth Parsons, provides Michigan residents home water purification systems that address both well and municipal water and do not need maintenance. Parsons has worked with homeowners since 2015. In addition to providing systems, the goal of Department of Clean Water is to raise awareness of water contamination.

We must start by purifying the basic building blocks of life, water. You could drink tap water all day long and still absorb more toxins from a 10-minute shower. There are only two reasons that someone is okay with their water at home: one, they have already installed a water purification system for their whole home, or two, they haven’t looked at what is in the water. Once you know, you can’t look away until you purify your water.

The purification system is placed at the home’s water main. Once installed, every tap, shower and faucet in the home will come out spring quality, alkaline water. There are no filters to change and no salts or potassium to replace.

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