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Holistic Root Canals: A New Era

Blending Biotechnology and Biocompatibility

by Louis M. Shoha, DDS, MS

Holistic Root Canals: A New Era -
  Dr. Louis Shoha

According to the American Association of Endodontists website, more than 22 million root canal procedures are performed every year by dentists possessing a wide range of knowledge, training, philosophy and instrumentation.

The root canal procedure is essentially a surgical procedure to remove infected and damaged tissue and microbial pathogens from within the tooth. This allows the tooth to be retained in the mouth for proper chewing and ideal tooth and jaw position for airway maintenance and jaw joint function. Root canal treatment effectiveness will generally depend on materials, methods and the patient’s own immune system.

A holistic root canal is an endodontic procedure performed using several elements that may be considered holistic. Holistic root canal practices provide efficient and comprehensive care for dental patients thanks to innovative technology and materials, combined with the advanced training and experience. State-of-the-art treatment will usually include use of an operating microscope, laser, ozone, cone beam 3D x-ray machine and bioceramic sealer.

Advanced disinfection protocols include activation of microbicidal solutions using ultrasonic/neosonic vibration and photodynamic laser energy, use of freshly produced medical grade ozone/oxygen placed into canals and use of sealer possessing antimicrobial properties.

The photodynamic pulsed laser energy activates fluids and water and can kill bacteria directly. Medical grade gaseous ozone/oxygen is used after the internal canal spaces are dried, providing antimicrobial action into the dentinal tubules and the tissues through the opening at the end of the root tip. This is thought to provide additional healing properties.

Finally, filling the canal spaces is accomplished using a bioceramic filler, such as Brasseler EndoSequence, which is biocompatible and contains no metal oxides. It has a creamy consistency and can be placed with or without a core. The material also possesses a pH of 12 until set, which may provide an additional degree of antimicrobial activity. The root canal procedure is a technical process that sets the body up to heal. Blending biotechnology and biocompatibility allow for a holistic approach which will continue to evolve with advances in modern science and medicine, providing a safe and healthy treatment.

Louis M. Shoha, DDS, MS practices at Professional Endodontics, with offices in Southfield, Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores and Clarkston. For more information visit Profendo.com 


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