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New West Bloomfield Business Offers Fulvic and Humic Mineral Products

Natural Awakenings News: New West Bloomfield Business Offers Fulvic and Humic Mineral Products

The Bloomfield Roots fulvic and humic highly concentrated blend supports the biological functions that are at the root of overall soil and plant health. The owners of Bloomfield Roots, Carrie Schabel and Jeff Copeland, have a vision—to support the environment with clean, pure, unaltered plant supplements that are affordable and easy to use for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced gardener.

“At one time, soil naturally contained fulvic and humic trace minerals,” Schabel says. “Simply by growing crops in the mineral rich soil and eating these crops, human bodies were given these trace minerals necessary for cells to perform the many functions they are designed for. In current times, it’s common to treat soil and crops with herbicides and pesticides. Unfortunately, this creates in soil the inability to maintain the healthy ecosystem that is needed to produce humic substances that contain fulvic and humic trace minerals. We created Bloomfield Roots products to make it easy for you to put the nutrients back into your soil and plants—where they’re supposed to be.”

Bloomfield Roots products can be used in just about anything grown, from outdoor veggie, herb and flower gardens, to indoor plants, greenhouses and hydroponics. Schabel is a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach, and Copeland is an environmentalist with over 30 years of experience working with fulvic and humic minerals.

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