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Discover Ease, Motion & Emotional Resilience

 Mindful Movement On-Demand Program

Lisa Ponichter
Lisa Ponichter-Stanley

For people feeling stuck in life, whether because of physical pain or emotional tension, movement techniques can now be learned online from a practitioner who has been in that “stuck” place before. Lisa Ponichter-Stanley, physical therapist, movement specialist and owner of Royal Oak’s Awakening Movements Feldenkrais and Physical Therapy, presents the course Feel Free: Discovering Ease, Motion, and Emotional Resilience Through Mindful Movement. It consists of five lessons for releasing tension, pain and stuck places, physically, mentally and emotionally.

She says, “These lessons will decrease tension that we commonly hold, mentally, emotionally, physically; help build our backbones so we can feel our strength and cultivate more awareness; zonk yourself out before bedtime and self-soothe if stressed; unwind neck, jaw and spine pain and tension, places many of us commonly hold tension; and cultivate calm with tiny moves. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so there no risk for trying something new. In fact, research says that we learn quicker and create connections in our brain and nervous system faster through play. These lessons are exploratory and will help you change how you feel faster as you play with these moves.”

The on-demand, go-at-your-own-pace program takes 45–60 minutes for each lesson. For more information, call Lisa Ponichter-Stanley at 248-321-0358. To enroll, visit:

Check out her listing in our online Natural Directory.

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