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WomanExpoSpeakerEvents, seminars and workshops allow your business to promote your knowledge, business or practice in a way that benefits our readers - by helping to educate and inform those who attend - and helps brand you as a credible resource and expert in the community, invaluable when readers seek expert advice, products and services.

Natural Awakenings Magazine of East Michigan offers a wide variety of methods and options for promoting your event(s) in both print and online. Whether it's for a single issue/month or ongoing, Natural Awakenings is your number one resource for getting your event information in front of over 45,000 East Michigan readers in our healthy living niche' (in print each month) and a potentially unliminted number of readers online/combined.

Pilates InstructorWhile our experience has shown that this is most effectively done with low-cost  admission (or FREE) seminars, talks and other such events. If your event is larger or more elaborate, such as workshops, expos, festivals, fairs and ongoing training course, all of which at typically more expensive to produce and have differing goals and objectives, etc., more elaborate promotion may be more effective.

You're going to want to make sure you choose the best option for your needs. After you review this information, if your questions are not answered we can help. Contact information is below. 

There are two different categories of approaches from which you can choose. Within each of those categories, you'll have several options. Many of the options / categories can be, and sometimes are, combined, both for effect and cost savings. It will be helpful to have a copy of our magazine handy, if you're not familiar with these various options.

In addition to the Natural Awakenings Calendar, we offer NewsBriefs and print display advertising for larger events. The larger your event, the more exposure may be needed to promote it for success (2-3 months in advance is common for larger events).

Natural Awakenings has options available for all of your desired approaches as well as consulting and guidance...if needed.

Use the appropriate submission form in the RH column to submit your events. 

Rates include combined publication in Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Genesee and Lapeer counties
Your relationship with usDated or Ongoing ListingsMark Your Calendar
Local advertiser 1/6 page or larger 5 FREE per month $49 each
Business Card or Natural Directory 2 FREE per month $49 each
Local distribution location $29 each $79 each
Local non-profit organization** 1 FREE per month $69 each
Non-advertisers / non-distribution $49 each $99 each

** Contact us (use "Contact" in the menu) for eligibility as a local non-profit/community organization.

• FREE Non-profit event must have FREE admission, with no associated fees.

• If you advertise a display ad AND Natural Directory listing, you may combine your FREE listings to receive more listings.
• All rates/listings are priced per month.
• Please note any additional cost for words over the base (usually 50 words).
• Items must be submitted ONLY via our website, (usually) by the 12th prior each month.

1. Calendar of Events and Ongoing Events listings (print).

    Costs: FREE to $49

Dated Calendar of Events1   Ongoing/Recurring Events1


Dated Event Title - 10-11am. This contains the  description of the event, including title, contact and other information; and can be up to 50 words. $Admission Fee or FREE is required. Business name where event is held, 1234 Street, CITY. Contact 123-456-7890. See ad page xx (if applicable)



Ongoing Event Title - 10am. This contains the  description of the event, including title, contact and other information; and can be up to 50 words. $Admission Fee or FREE is required. Business name where event is held, 1234 Street, CITY. Contact 123-456-7890. See ad page xx (if applicable)


• For specific rates and options select "Calendar placement rates" above.

1 Basic listings are 50 words. Extra words for Dated or ongoing available  $.50 per word, per listing, per month.
  If you need a website or email address in your event listing, use the Premium Mark Your Calendar options below.*
  *For a limited time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, websites may be published for online / virtual event listings.

2. Premium Mark Your Calendar and Calendar Display ad (print, online).
Cost range:
 $49 to $149

Our experience has shown that events with admission costs over $49 are usually not effective when integrated in with the calendar regular "text" listings. Events (classes, workshops, clinics, training courses, etc.) with admission above $49 typically require a stronger, more visible approach to get the attention they need to be effective. This can be achieved through regular display or native advertising (see below) or by utilizing these Mark Your Calendar or Calendar Display Ad options.

Ask about promotion on our website (Online Special Events) and several social media channels. 

Mark Your Calendar1 Calendar Display Ad1

MYC LayoutExample 201306

CalDisplayAd sample 200801
50 words1 - Websites and email addresses ok to include

Text and image - 2.25" x 2.25" 


• For specific rates and options select the "Calendar placement rates" above.

 1 Extra words available for $.50 per word, per listing, per month.


*Questions? Please use the "Contact" link in the menu or call 248-628-0125.

Natural Awakenings of East Michigan reserves the right to accept, reject and/or edit all submissions for content, format and length without prior approval. Events submitted without complete information, over the FREE limit, or using the incorrect submission form are subject to exclusion without notice. Although we strive to maintain the accuracy of published submissions, we do not accept responsibility for publication of information that has been submitted to us with errors, including dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc.



We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements contained on this website, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.

The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your medical professional.

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