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Options for Functional Medicine Weight Loss

Weight loss can be difficult for many underlying reasons: slowed metabolism, imbalanced hormones, loss of muscle mass, gastrointestinal tract issues and detoxification issues. Another problem is hitting a weight loss plateau, even with healthy diet and exercise.

One main reason for a plateau is when exercising, people can overexert themselves, which can cause inflammation in the body. Then factor into the equation that certain foods may need to be eliminated due to the body’s inflammatory response to them. Inflammation can actually cause a weight gain over a weight loss.

According to Keri Topouzian, D.O., regenerative and functional medicine physician in Bloomfield Hills, MI, "If diet and exercise are not enough, there are affordable, suitable functional medicine options for weight loss. They include InBody analysis, traditional, low-carb or human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet, total gut restoration detox programs and other alternatives."

“Our functional medicine weight loss programs are individualized for your specific needs," he adds. "Functional medical weight loss is proactive. If you have issues with inflammation and pain, we offer laser therapy and IV therapies to give you the help and boost that you may need. We are different from other programs because we not only utilize a wide range of options for weight loss, we work on the underlying cause of what is causing your weight loss challenges. Our programs allow you to lose fat, gain energy and stamina, increase positive mood, gain better sleep and reduce pain and inflammation in the body. You can do it. And we will help you every step of the way.”

A free initial personal consultation is available. For more information, call Dr. Keri Topouzian at 248-302-0473, visit or check out his YouTube page at:  


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